UVSOR Workshop on Terahertz Coherent Synchrotron Radiation
September 23 (Sunday)
Place: UVSOR Facility, Institute for Molecular Science, Okazaki, Japan
15:00- Registration and UVSOR site tour.
18:00-(20:00) Get together party [ pic1, pic2, pic3 ]

September 24 (Monday but Japanese holiday)
Place: Small conference room (2nd floor), Okazaki Conference Center
8:30- Breakfast (Light meal and drink) [ pic1, pic2, pic3 ]

9:15-9:30 M. Katoh (UVSOR) Opening remark

1. Light Source (1); Linac
9:30-9:55 T. Takahashi (Kyoto U.) Status of Coherent Radiation Beamline at KURRI-LINAC
9:55-10:20 Y. Shoji (New SUBARU) Bunch compression at the SPring-8 linac for successive generation of THz pulse train in the isochronous ring

10:20-10:50 Coffee break

2. Light Source (2-1); Storage Ring
10:50-11:15 G. Wuestefeld (BESSY) The BESSY (and MLS) Low Alpha Optics and the Generation of Coherent Synchrotron Radiation
11:15-11:40 Y. Shoji (New SUBARU) Coherent THz radiation at NewSUBARU
11:40-12:05 M. Shimada (UVSOR) Observation of THz CSR burst in UVSOR-II

12:05-13:20 Lunch (Lunch box)

3. Light Source (2-2); Storage Ring
13:20-13:45 A.-S. Mueller (ANKA) Status of the ANKA Short Bunch Operation
13:45-14:10 M.C. Martin (ALS) CSR studies at the ALS and optimizing a storage ring for THz
14:10-14:35 A. Mochihashi (UVSOR) Generation of THz CSR with laser-bunch slicing in UVSOR-II electron storage ring

4. Light Source (3); ERL
14:35-15:00 G. P. Williams (J-lab) Applications of Intense CSR from a cw Linac at Jefferson Lab
15:00-15:25 K. Harada (KEK) An Intense Terahertz Radiation Source at the Compact ERL

15:25-15:55 Coffee break

5. Applications
15:55-16:20 U. Schade (BESSY) Scientific Experiments at BESSY using Coherent Synchrotron Radiation
16:20-16:45 Y-L. Mathis (ANKA) Coherent Synchrotron Edge Radiation and Applications at ANKA
16:45-17:10 L. Carr (NSLS) Coherent THz radiation from photo-injected linac and applications to studies of materials

17:10- S. Kimura (UVSOR) Closing remark

18:30-(20:30) Banquet at an Izakaya restaurant (Japanese pub) [pic1, pic2, pic3 ]

September 25 (Tuesday)
11:00- Move to Awaji Island by public transportations.