Photophysics Laboratory (Kimura Group) 光物性研究室(木村グループ)

Old topics
  • [Experiment] Synchrotron Soliel (200831-0907, Ohtsubo)
  • [Experiment] UVSOR BL5U (200803-07, Jibon, Nakamura, Ohtsubo)
  • [Experiment] UVSOR BL7U (200720-31, Nakaya, Nakamura, Ohtsubo)
  • [Paper] Review of TKI has been published in KOTAIBUTSURI (in Japanese, 200717)
  • [Event] Mid-term report of M2 and D3 (200713,20,27)
  • [Experiment] UVSOR BL1B/6B (200713-24, Kimura)
  • [Experiment] UVSOR BL3B (200615-19, Goto, Kimura)
  • [Experiment] UVSOR preparation (200601-12, Nakaya, Nakamura, Ohtsubo)
  • [Paper] "One-dimensionality of the spin-polarized surface conduction and valence bands of quasi-one-dimensional Bi chains on GaSb(110)-(2x1)" has been published. (Tokumasu's master thesis, 200603)
  • Reading books for B4 and M1 has been started finally for COVID-19. (200512)
  • Group seminar has been finally started for COVID-19. (200511)
  • [Event] Kick-off meeting (200403)

  • [Experiment] UVSOR BL7U/5U + off-line DA30 (200224-0313, Nakaya, Kawabata, Matsumoto, Nakamura, Ohtsubo, Kimura)
  • [Event] Wrap-up party for M2s and B4s (200217)
  • [Defense] B4 graduate thesis presentation (200217, Jeon, Yamamoto, Nakaya)
    • Nakaya was awarded the Best Presentation Prize.
  • [Defense] Master thesis presentation (200212, Nakajima, Tokumasu)
  • [Guest] Prof. M. H. Jung of Sogang Univ., KR, stays in the lab. (200120-31)
  • [Talk] JSR 2020 (200110-12, Nagoya, Nakajima, Modak, Mita, Nakamura, Ohtsubo, Kimura)
    • Nakamura has been awarded as the Best Student Presentation prize for three consecutive years. (V5 of this lab.)
  • [Event] Year-end party (191223)
  • [Paper] "Giant Rashba system on a semiconductor substrate with tunable Fermi level: Bi/GaSb(110)–(2×1)" has been published. (Nakamura's doctor thesis, 191202)
  • [Experiment] SPring-8 BL07LSU (191129-1202, Shibata, Nakamura, Watanabe, Kimura)
  • [Talk] UVSOR Symposium 2019 (191116-17, Okazaki, Modak, Ohtsubo, Kimura)
  • [Event] Autumn hiking in Rokkosan mountain (191101)
  • [Experiment] UVSOR BL1B/6B (191007-1018, Yamamoto, Goto, Nakajima, Mita, Kimura)

  • [Event] Graduate Celemony (190325)
  • [Experiment] UVSOR BL5U(190318-22, Matsumoto, Ohtsubo, Kimura)
  • [Talk] JPS annual meeting (190314-17, Fukuoka, Nakamura, Watanabe, Ohtsubo, Kimura)
  • [Experiment] ISSP SARPES (190225-0304, Tokumasu, Nakamura, Ohtsubo)
  • [Event] Wrap-up and Farewell party (190222)
  • [Defense] B4 graduate thesis presentation of Phys. Dept. (190222, Kawabata)
    • Kawabata has been awarded the Best Presentation prize.
  • [Defense] Master thesis presentation of FBS (190215, Mita)
  • [Defense] Master thesis presentation of Phys. Dept. (190212, Nakamura, Yamashita)
  • [Defense] Doctor thesis presentation of Phys. Dept. (190206, Phuong)
  • [Event] Grilled meat party (190121)
  • [Talk] Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Synchrotron Radiation Research (190109-11, Fukuoka, Matsumoto, Nakamura, Ohtsubo, Kimura)



名大羽尻先生との共同研究"Orbital-dependent electron correlation in LiFeAs revealed by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy"がPhysical Review Bに掲載。(160107)

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