Photophysics Laboratory (Kimura Group) 光物性研究室(木村グループ)

Synchrotron radiation beamlines and end stations

[ constructed by our group ]

Symmetry- and momentum-resolved electronic structure analysis instrument (SAMRAI), BL7U at UVSOR-III
  1. APPLE-II type undulator (NEOMAX)
  2. Wadsworth type VUV monochromator (TOYAMA)
  3. Photoelectron analyzer (MBS A-1)
  4. LHe-cooled 6-axes sample manipulator (R-dec iGONIO)

Present status
Infrared/terahertz micro-spectroscopy beamline BL6B at UVSOR-III
  1. FT-IR (Bruker IFS66v/S, wavenumber: 40 - 12000 cm-1, resolution: 0.1cm-1) [FY2006]
  2. FT-FIR (JASCO FARIS-1, wavenumber: 5 - 250 cm-1, resolution: 0.25 cm-1) [FY2004]
  3. Terahertz microscope (BUNKOKEIKI) [FY2005]
  4. Reflection - absorption chamber
  5. Si bolometer (Infrared Laboratory, 2 sets, < 600 cm-1)
  6. InSb hot-electron bolometer (QMC, < 55 cm-1) [FY2005]

 High-resolution photoemission beamline BL5U at UVSOR-II
  1. Helical/linear undulator [FY1995]
  2. SGM-TRAIN monochromator [FY1995]
  3. Photoelectron analyzer (MBS+Toyama A-1) [FY2003]
 Infrared Materials Science beamline BL43IR at SPring-8
  1. LHe-free 14-T magnet (Cryogenic)
  2. Reflection-type IR microscope (BUNKOKEIKI)
  3. LHe-flow cryostat (JANIS)
Terahertz coherent synchrotron radiation beamline BL1B at UVSOR-III  
Highresolution Transmission, Reflection, and LUminescence spectroscopies of solids in the VIS-VUV region, HOTRLU, BL3B of UVSOR-III  

Laboratorial apparatuses

Ultraviolet and x-ray photoemission spectroscopy with molecular beam epitaxy
  1. Photoelectron analyzer (SES100, VG Scienta) [FY2006]
  2. He discharge lamp+monochromator
    (VUV5000 + VUV5040, GAMMA-DATA Scienta) [FY2002]
  3. X-ray source (XR-50, SPECS) [FY2008]
  4. LHe-flow cryostat (ST-400, JANIS) [FY2007]
  5. Molecular beam epitaxy (EW-3, EIKO) [FY2002]
  6. LEED/AES (ErLEED 150, SPECS) [FY2003]

Inverse photoemission spectroscopy at low tmperatures [FY2011] doc 1
  1. BIS (IPES, PSP Vacuum Technology) [FY2011]
  2. Closed-cycle He cryostat (IWATANI M-310, T: 8 - 350K) [FY2008]
Infrared reflectivity spectroscopy at low temperatures [FY2010]
  1. FTIR (JASCO FTIR6100, hv: 5meV - 1.5eV) [FY2010]
  2. Closed-cycle He cryostat (IWATANI M-310, T: 8 - 350K) [FY1999]
  3. MCT detector [FY1999]
  4. Si bolometer [FY1999]

Present status
Terahertz reflection spectroscopy at extremely low temperatures [FY2004]
  1. FT-FIR (JASCO FARIS-1, hv = 2--50meV) [FY2004]
  2. LHe-flow cryostat (Oxford Optistat, T > 4 K) [FY2008]
  3. Si bolometer [FY2007]
  4. 3He cryostat (Oxford HelioxAC-V, T: 0.4 - 10 K, for FARIS-1) [FY2006]

Present status
Infrared spectroscopy under pressures [FY2007]
  1. FTIR (JASCO FTIR610) [FY1999]
  2. IR microscope (BUNKOKEIKI) [FY2000]
  3. Membrane-type daimond anvil cell + cryostat (DiaCell OptiDAC-LT) [FY2006]
  4. Diamond anvil cell for optical use (Toyoshima Factory, Clamp-type, two sets) [FY2001, FY2003]
  5. Cryostat for optical microscope (Oxford MicrostatHe) [FY2002]
  6. MCT detector [FY2001]
Raman spectroscopy [FY2000]
  1. Raman spectrometer (JASCO RMP-200, lambda: 532 nm,Raman shift: 100 - 7500 cm-1) [FY2000]
Visible spectroscopy (Shimadzu SPG-120, hv: 1.3 - 6.0eV) [FY1999]
Laue camera [FY????]
Muffle furnace [FY2005]
Optical microscope [FY2000]
Ultrasonic cleaner [FY1999]
Vacuum evapolator (resistive heating) [FY1999]
Vacuum glove box for sample preparation [FY1999]
Electron beam evalorator [FY1993] 
Stereoscopic microscope [FY1992]
Superconducting magnet for optical use (Max. field: 5 T) [FY1990]

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