WIRMS 2007



Deadline and Fee
Accompanying person**
Early registration Before July 1 2007
45,000 JPY 25,000 JPY 20,000 JPY
 Regular registration
  After July 1 2007
55,000 JPY
35,000 JPY
25,000 JPY
Cancellation deadline
 July 1 2007
80% Refund
80% Refund 80% Refund
   (JPY : Japanese Yen)

The registration fee includes tax.

* includes Reception, Welcome party, Banquet, Book of the Proceedings, Refreshment, Program/Abstract Book.
** includes Reception, Welcome party, Refreshment, Banquet.
An additional cost of 2,500 JPY is required for an international bank transfer.

Online registration opens now.

Payment of Registration

Overseas participants

For participants from outside Japan
payment of registration fee is available
by credit card.
Please send the credit card form by FAX
by July 1, 2007 for early registration.
It is also possible to pay by international
bank transfer, at an additional cost of 2,500 JPY.
Please contact the conference secretariat.

Domestic participants

Participants from Japan are requested to pay the registration fee by bank transfer.

Deadline for Payments

Deadline of Payment for Early Registration :  July 1, 2007

Hotel reservation
On-line hotel reservation site will be opend from June 11.

Financial Support
We are pleased to announce that the financial support is available to limited number of participants for WIRMS2007.
Due to our limited budget, we can support only several participants and priority will be given to students and postdoctorals who will make presentations at WIRMS2007.

Participants who wish to receive financial support should write to the WIRMS2007 secretariat by e-mail (wirms2007@spring8.or.jp) with the following required information. (If the person to be supported is a student, his/her research advisor is requested to send directly.)

(1) Name, position and affiliation of the person to be supported

(2) The title and authors of the abstract to be presented by the supported person. (If you have not submitted the abstract yet, please read the following instruction before submitting your abstract.) http://www.uvsor.ims.ac.jp/WIRMS2007/publications.htm#abstract

(3) The reason why the financial support is needed.

(4) Amounts of necessary expenses (Travel, Accommodation, etc.)

The decision will be made on the basis of the submitted abstract and the above information. Written requests for the financial support must be received no later than June 15. (The deadline for abstract submission is June 11.)

Because of the limited budget available to the conference, we would prefer only participants who have limited travel funds and do not have enough to participate the conference will receive the financial support. So if you can be funded by your institution (even if you are a student or a postdoctoral), please do not apply for this support.

Reservation of excursion
Please see Excursion & sightseeing page. (will be opened.)

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