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The WIRMS 2007 workshop site is the Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center (http://www.yumebutai.org/english/index.html). Awaji Yumebutai is a resort complex that features beautiful seasonal flowers and greenery. ("Yumebutai" means "dream stage" in Japanese.) It is located close to the northern end of Awaji Island, where one can enjoy the spectacular landscape of Akashi Straits and Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. It is the world's longest suspension bridge, which connects Awaji Island to Kobe on the main island of Japan. (There will be a cruising tour of Akashi Straits as a
part of WIRMS activities.) Kobe is one
of the major Japanese cities, and can
be reached easily from the major
airports and other areas of Japan.
Within an hour of bus/train ride from
Yumebutai, one can visit downtown
for various attractions, or other
cities such as Himeji, best known for
the Himeji Castle designated as a
World Heritage by UNESCO. Detailed
information regarding the transportation
to Awaji Yumebutai can be found in the
Yumebutai web-site


Rooms are available at the "Westin Awaji Island
" hotel located next to the workshop site,
Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center.
Special discounted hotel rates for the WIRMS
participants will be (per night, per person, including
breakfast, service charge and tax) 13,860 yen for
single occupancy, 10,736 yen for double occupancy,
and 8,505 yen for triple occupancy. Although less
expensive hotels can be found, they are not located
near Yumebutai, and the transportation is inconvenient.
We strongly recommend that the participants stay at
the Westin Awaji.

The on-line hotel reservation web-site is available now.

Please visit Conference Center's page.

Please watch the web-site of Ministry of Foreign Affair, Japan.
[ http://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/visa/index.html ]

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