WIRMS 2007



Scope of the Workshop
WIRMS2007 will be the 4th WIRMS meeting
and follows the highly successful workshops
at Porquerolles in 2001, Lake Tahoe in 2003
and Rathen in 2005. The scope of the workshop
is to bring together SR & FEL scientists and
synchrotron-IR & FEL-IR users to discuss the
latest developments and trends as well as the
future directions of the fields, and to promote
even more promising applications. Another
important mission of this workshop is for the
active experts to provide young researchers
and graduate students with a good introduction
to this rapidly advancing field.

  1. Infrared spectroscopy - from solid state to
    biological substances and gas phase.
  2. IR-to-THz spectroscopy under extreme conditions.
    1. IR-to-THz spectroscopy under high
    2. IR-to-THz spectroscopy under high
      magnetic fields.
    3. IR-to-THz spectroscopy under multi-extreme
  3. IR-to-THz microspectroscopy and imaging.
    1. Near field microscopy, spectroscopy and imaging.
    2. Application of IR-to-THz microspectroscopy and imaging.
  4. Time-resolved spectroscopy.
  5. Coherent synchrotron radiation as a powerful IR-to-THz source.
  6. Advances in IR-to-THz radiation based on accelerators.
    1. Other new developments on FEL's and synchrotrons relevant for the IR-to-THz region.
    2. Other accelerator based sources.
  7. Facility news & updates.
    1. New facilities and updates.
    2. New beamlines and updates.
  8. Others.
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